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Kraft in other languages than English is a community effort, as the whole project is. To help making Kraft available in your mother language, you need to be ready to translate strings from English to your language.

There is a tool to support that work, called Transifex. It provides a comfortable web based tool to work on translations. Please make sure to read Transifex's Getting Started as a Translator guide before you get started.

Logged in users can see the Kraft Project Page on Transifex.

If there is still a language missing on Transifex, please get in touch via Mailinglist or Github Issues and it will be added, if there is somebody accepting maintainership.

When it is release time, the translations will be downloaded from Transifex and bundled with the Kraft source package.

Imagine how happy people will be finding Kraft translated to their language! Your contribution really counts!

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