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The design of the output document can be changed to meet users needs. The can be done without changing the program code of Kraft but editing the document template. The documents are defined in a language called RML (Report Markup Language) which is a XML format. RML is developed and maintained by a company called ReportLab.

The RML file gets transformed into PDF by Kraft automatically. A Kraft document template contains template variables, which get replaced by document content such as customer name, items etc. by Kraft before the PDF gets rendered.

For each document type a different customized template can be used. In the Kraft Configuration dialog, on tab Document Type, the custom file can be picked for each document type individually.

Detailed information about RML can be found in the RML Userguide (PDF, 530 kB).

There is a list of available template variables which Kraft replaces before rendering.

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