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Download and Installation

This page describes how to download and install Kraft. Please read the Configuration page as well.

Kraft AppImage

The AppImage is the recommended way of installation since Kraft Version 1.0.
Please refer to the AppImage Install Guide.

Installation of Binary Packages

It is recommended to install a binary package prebuilt for the Linux distribution in use.

The openSUSE Project offers binary packages through the openSUSE Build Service for openSUSE and other distributions.

For testing please use the AppImage.

Packages for openSUSE are available through Open Build Service:
Follow this link to pick the correct package.

Help needed: If you are willing to maintain packages for Kraft, please speak up


This AUR is providing a well maintained Kraft version.

Find hints to run Akonadi on Arch.

Build from Source

The source of the latest stable version of Kraft can be downloaded from the Github Releases Page.

To follow the development of Kraft, please use git. Kraft is hosted on Github.

Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5

From version 0.80 on Kraft is based on the KF5/Qt5 platform. The last stable version 0.59 of Kraft is deprecated now and should not longer be used. Kraft 0.59 can only be used on distributions shipping Akonadi based on KDE4, which no big distribution actually does.

With new abstractions added to Kraft starting with version 0.80, porting Kraft to MacOSX and Windows will be easier on the long run.

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