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Kraft AppImage

The current version of Kraft is available as so called AppImage. An AppImage makes it really easy to start the software, as it is literally starting one single file.

Download and Start


Download the current Kraft AppImage.

Execution Permissions

Before you can start the AppImage file you need to grant execution rights to the file to be able to start it.

On the Terminal:

This command grants the current user permissions to start the AppImage file:

    cd ~/Downloads
    chmod u+x Kraft*.AppImage

Note: Please use the "cd" command to change into the directory to which the AppImage was downloaded before.

Start the AppImage

Double click on the file to start the Kraft AppImage. The file can be moved where it is convenient. To remove the Kraft AppImage, just delete the file.


The Kraft AppImage is built without Akonadi integration. That means that the KDE addressbook is not available from within Kraft. However, with that Kraft does not have a dependency on KDE (and a special version of it) and can be used from all other desktops as well.

Apart from that functionality is not limited.

Share Kraft

Similar to Kraft in general also the AppImage can be shared unlimited with other users.

Please make use of that and share Kraft with your friends and colleagues and point them to free software. The AppImage can be copied to an USB stick for example to be easily shared with others.

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