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Please Contribute!

Kraft is a free software project which is developed and maintained by volunteers.

Help and support at the
Kraft Discord Server

Kraft needs your help! Please help to improve Kraft! You can help by

  • telling us what you think about Kraft
  • improving the user documentation
  • contributing to the project website
  • submitting a bug report
  • suggesting a missing feature
  • asking questions
  • promoting Kraft
  • translating the user interface, the documentation or the web page into your local language
  • providing artwork for icons and images
  • contributing code

Choose your task, it is appreciated and important. You will find a list of supported communication channels below. You are very welcome to post on any of the following channels in either English or German language.

Github Discussion

For general questions, discussions and ideas we use the Github Discussion Forum.

Please feel free to post any topic you might want to bring up around Kraft.

Bug- and Feature Tracking

If you find a bug in Kraft, enter it into the Kraft Bugtracker on Github. That is the best way to make sure the developers get informed and can work on the problem.

If you rather want to request a new feature for Kraft, please also report it there, labeling it as Enhancement. Give a detailed description of the requested feature and add a short text what advantages all Kraft users will get from it. Think about starting a discussion on the mailinglist or in the forum to check out and find other interested users.

Note that these services are hosted by Github and require a valid login to post. You can create an account on the startpages for free.


The maintainer of the Kraft project can be reached via EMail -> mailto:kraft [snail] freisturz [period] de.

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