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Kraft is a free software project that helps to create office documents especially for small enterprise operators such as handcrafters. These features are provided:

  • Customer management, deeply integrated in the KDE infrastructure using KAddressbook
  • Automatted creation of offers, invoices and similar documents
  • Text templates
  • Calculation
  • Material management
  • Configurable document creation in PDF format

Office Document Creation

With Kraft office documents can be created and edited quickly but individual and correct.

Kraft comes with a very clear and simple user interface. The central form to work on a document provides a good overview over the entire document but avoids overwhelming display of not needed information. In the Focus there is always the currently important area such as document header, item list or document footer.

Kraft supports calculated items in documents, items with manually entered pricing and On-Demand and alternative items.

Documents can be copied completely to shorten the step to create similar documents. Followup documents such as an invoice following an offer can be created from the predocuments easily.


Kraft provides templates for items for to use in various documents. These are organized in cataloges for items and for material. They are at hand as templates to be used in new documents.

Cataloges can be created and named freely. Templates are stored in there and can be ordered in catalog chapters. A created- and last-changed-timestamp is maintained for each template. An easy and quick search function makes it easy to find the needed template.


Each template can be based on a pre calculation which results in a price for one unit. The calculated price is proposed if the template is copied into a document.

The following calculation modules are available:

  • Time Calculation: Time effort in minutes is calculated for the different employees in the company.
  • Fix Calculation: A fix amount of money for each unit is calculated.
  • Material Calculation: A material list is calculated per unit.


Kraft provides a premium output quality on ordinary printers.

Documents in Kraft are generated in the PDF format which provides high quality documents and is available on all operating system platforms. Furthermore PDFs can not be changed easily which gives a reasonable level of security. As a result it can also be emailed to customers for self print out.

The form of the output is based on a template which allows users to customize the output form as needed, for example to meet the need of stationary.


Whenever a document gets printed and sent out a PDF is generated which is exactly the same that is going to the customer. It gets stored and does not change any more.

Technology and Integration

Kraft is written in the C++ programming language and bases on the KDE Framework.

Kraft very much benefits from the work of the KDE Project. KDE provides a lot of base functionality, for example the addressbook or printing and viewing services.

Data in Kraft is always available in a well defined XML format which gives security in case the documents should be imported into another system.

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