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Changelog Kraft Version 0.95

  • Add Grantlee as templating engine.
  • Add Weasyprint as rendering engine for PDFs.
  • Add the user manual. Open it in the user language.
  • Removed Splash screen completely for simplification.
  • Switch to python3 with the erml2pdf tool.
  • Add a date format selector to Kraft settings. Allow to set a four digit year in dates and other formats.
  • Fix: Show proper amount of items in no-price-display mode.
  • Fix: Show proper timestamp of last change of catalog items with SQLite database.
  • Fix: show proper number of items also in Lieferschein.
  • Fix: Save some more window states (size, position)
  • Fix: Set the unit of discount items to pauschal.
  • Fix: Also change lastmodified-Timestamp if only an item was added.

Hints for Packagers

Version 0.95 contains a few packaging relevant changes, thus a few hints here.

  • All python scripts work with python 3 now
  • There are a few file list changes, be aware
  • Add the grantlee devel packages to the build requires to make Kraft recognize it.
  • The manual is written in asciidoc and can be built with Asciidoctor. However, a English and German pre rendered version is in the tarball, so that this dependency can be skipped.
  • Please (at least) recommend WeasyPrint with the Kraft package.
  • CTemplate and ReportLab are deprecated but still needed/supported in this version.

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