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Changelog Kraft Version 0.90:

  • Reworked follow up and copy document
    • set the correct header- and footer-texts according to the doc type
    • Added a checkbox if items should be copied or not
  • New feature: partial invoices that are substracted in the final invoice
  • Use an XML based migration system for document types
  • Added the first unit tests to Kraft
  • Made the document templates not containing any language specific strings any more. There is only one doc now for all languages, set by localized strings as template variables.
  • Removed KeepTogether flag for tables to avoid that a long list of items only starts on the next page. Might have impact on some docs.
  • Fixed formatting of the amount number in the XML output
  • More Less-KDE: Removed more mandatory dependencies on KDE.
  • Added 'About Kraft' information to Krafts system view.
  • Added document type 'Offer without price tags', which does not print price tags on the PDF (issue #58).
  • Internationalization: Added dutch translation

Released on December 14, 2019

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