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Changelog Kraft Version 0.82:

A bugfix release for the 0.80 release, plus a couple of new features.

  • Fix send document by email
  • Allow emailing through xdg-email and not only through thunderbird. To enable, set @mailUA=xdg@ in the config file in the system section.
  • Fixed wrong usage of i18n command which caused a lot of error messages on the console. (#37)
  • Time calculation: Add a time unit to the form, allow to calculate times in hours, minutes and seconds (#43)
  • Refactored the calculation dialog, fixed using margin. (#42)
  • Properly ask to waste changes if user hits cancel in Calc dialog.
  • Fix some glitches in the setup code path, ie. db update.
  • Relaxed the document layout a bit by choosing a smaller font and adjusting the table column settings a bit.
  • More minor bug fixes and improvements

Changelog Kraft Version 0.81:

A bugfix release for the 0.80 release.

  • Fix to build with Qt 5.11
  • CMake fixes: Installation directories
  • Use QProcess instead of system call
  • Fix appstream XML data
  • Fix display of individual tax block on documents

Released on June 16th, 2018

Changelog Kraft Version 0.80:

  • Port to Qt5/KDE Frameworks 5
  • Reduction of build and runtime dependencies, especially of KDE Frameworks, replacing old KDE classes with their Qt equivalents
  • Dropped Webkit. Use QTextbrowser instead. Ported html generating code and CSS accordingly
  • Dependency on Akonadi is now optional, so builds without Akonadi are possible
  • Address management in Kraft was abstracted to work with or without Akonadi, other address backends could be implemented much easier now
  • Refresh of the GUI plus new icons, easier.
  • Refactored time line models completely
  • Show summaries for month and year items: Amount of doc types and added sums for each document type
  • GUI: New filter combo to limit to docs of last week or last month
  • Use templates for system view (contributed by Andy Wuest)
  • Ship an AppImage for easy testing of Kraft
  • Updated ReportLab based PDF generation script (erml2pdf)
  • countless bug fixes and improvements

Released on April, 1st 2018

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