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Detailed Changelog for Release 0.54 Jupp

released may 11th, 2014

  • Use new address fetch job implementation that works independant from Nepomuk- or Baloo indexing of contacts. (KDE >= 4.12)
  • Support note-of-delivery documents (Lieferscheine) without prices. New document templates were added.
  • Added findcontact utility to query address data out of akonadi based address books.
  • Generate a customer sorted document storage structure on disk
  • Improve stylesheet handling in templates, introduce CSS_IMG_PATH
  • Use environment variable KRAFT_HOME more consquentely
  • Fix tax sum calculation
  • Add customer address UID variable to number circle tags
  • Some memleak fixes
  • Add "followup document" to main menu
  • Fix installation of identity.trml
  • Allow the tags USERNAME, DATE and TIME in item templates.
  • Lots of other cleanups and fixes

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