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Download and Installation

This page describes how to download and install Kraft. Please read the Configuration page as well.

Installation of Binary Packages

It is recommended to install a binary package prebuilt for the Linux distribution in use.

The openSUSE Project offers binary packages through the openSUSE Build Service for openSUSE and other distributions.

Pakages for different flavours of openSUSE are provided by the Open Build Service:
Follow this link to pick a suitable package.

Packages for Fedora are provided through Open Build Service:
Follow this link to pick a suitable package.

Pakages for Ubuntu and Kubuntu can be installed through the system package management.
For outdated distributions packages can be found in Rohan Gargs PPA software repository KDE Extra.

Debian packages can be installed through the system package management.
This is the Link to the package database entries.

Packages can be found through the system package management of Mageia .
Thanks to Frank Schneider.

Help needed: If you are willing to maintain packages for Kraft, please speak up

Build from Source

The source of the latest stable version of Kraft can be downloaded from the Sourceforge File Releases page.

Kraft is part of the KDE playground repository and can be checked out and compiled from there. Read the instructions how to do that. Further details can be found in the file INSTALL. Please read it carefully.

Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5

As KDE4 is coming to an end, Kraft needs to be ported to a KF5/Qt5 based codebase. This is ongoing effort on Github: Kraft on Github. Testing and porting help is very appreciated.

With this port, two new design goals were added:

  1. Add a proper abstraction layer around address handling to not be tied to Akonadi
  2. Reduce KDE dependencies as much as possible in favour of Qt classes

This way porting Kraft to MacOSX and Windows will be easier on the long run.

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