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Kraft helps you to handle your daily quotes and invoices in your small business.

Kraft is Hands On

Kraft is aimed at the demands of small businesses. It is easy to use and limits on a set of most needed features. So it is the solution for creating quotes and invoices. With Kraft your business will run smoother. You will have more time for things which give more pleasure than office work.

See the details page for feature details.

Free Software

Kraft is free software licenced under the GNU General Public License (GPL). That guarantees freedom, openess and independence for the user. Read more about free software and the effect on your company.


The current stable version 0.59 was released in september 2015. See the Releases page for more information. This version is still KDE4/Qt4 based.

Work on a KF5/Qt5 based release is ongoing, see download for details.

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