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Document List | The list of available documents Document Management:

Documents are selected for editing or printing in the document management view.

Document Editor | The document editor, item view. Document Editor:

In the document editor the right part shows an overview over the complete document. The document items are edited in the left part of the window.

Document Editor | Picking item templates from the catalog Document Editor with Templates:

The button Show Templates opens the template selection in the document editor. Templates can be selected and inserted into the document.

Document Header | Editing of the document header information Document Header:

In this view the right side shows the document overview, on the left side data of the document header can be edited.

Document Footer | Editing of the document footer information Document Footer:

Within the left part the concluding document footer can be edited, on the right side again the document overview.


Catalog Management | List of configured catalogs Catalog overview:

Within the catalog view catalogs can be opened for editing.

Catalog Window | Window to edit template catalogs Material catalog:

This picture shows the opened material catalog. Material entries can be searched and edited. The entries are ordered in different chapters.

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